10 Design Trends You’ll Definitely See in 2016

2016 Designs Trends

With each new year, comes new designs trends. For some of us, that means subtracting some of the old and adding some of the new. For others it may be a complete overhaul of the space.  In either case, it is always fun to switch things up! 

Here are some of the trends you will see in the coming year. By the looks of them, it is going to be a fun year in design! 


Boutique Showrooms are the newest sources for designer textiles. 

Who doesn’t love that small town feel and individual attention you get when you walk through the door. You just ‘feel’ special.  The Heather Company does just that!


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# TWO 

It’s “bling” like you have never seen before! Mixed metals. Platinum, gold, copper, steel, as long as they’ve got metallic sheen, they go together! How fun is that to play with!! 


This beauty is from Lucent Lightshop


This fixture can be found at YLIGHTING


This work of art is from FARREY’S


We are still going to continue to see nice cleaned lined furnishings in the home, as well as natural elements. Keeping the fabric’s ‘hardworking’ so they can with stand the busy family life around them, yet paring them with more delicate and luxurious accents when it comes to pillows and throws. 

This chair being one of my favourites found at  Sims Furniture







The best thing about this trend is the ability to customize a clients space. From picking the perfect desired size, all the way down to the perfect frame and colours to complement the decor.  It truly will be like “no” other! We will be seeing photography printed on metal as well as stretched on canvas and placed in drop frames.

Here is an example on metal from Rachael Ashe

4401300339_a6a731dda8_z 4402063784_bf649e9713_z 4402064828_1078fd1d12_z

I have had the privilege of  being able to incorporate some amazing photography by Collin Orthner in one of my recent projects. We printed them on canvas and had them put into drop frames. The client was beyond pleased with the finished results. 

_COP2985-2 P8263015-2 P8263008-2 P8263007


Traditional Tableware 

With tablescapes we bring our dinning rooms to life. This year we will see plenty of them sporting traditional tableware.

Here is one of my favourites from Handmade Mood

52bef471169168ea9c495939752acdfb IMG_9503

These dishes from DeVine are also beautiful! 




Buying and selling pieces on consignment are a great and affordable way to quickly turnover and change your space up! 

 There are even websites like Chairish to help you buy and sell furniture and accessories worry-free now.





Guatemalan Fabrics 

 Colourful textile weaving by indigenous artisans from Guatemala is Trending presently.

Here are some from Folkart Alliance and The Simon Family

Guat- Pana Good Fabric Two Guatemala_RosmeryPacheco_2015_HookedRug1


The desk makes a come back! 

The laptop and working from your bed, or anywhere else all over the house phase is over! 

Thank goodness! Because spaces like this are so much more productive don’t you think! 

Interior Guide



In 2016 we are going to see two trends when it comes to the bedroom.

Now that we have gotten the laptop out of the bed, we are going to see trends in making it a better place to rest. 

For starters, we are going to see things spice up when it comes to the sheets. Straying away from plan boring ones, we will see some fun happening with prints and colours! 




Not only do we want our bedrooms to look beautiful, we want them to feel that way as well! Lavender sachets and blackout curtains have been around for awhile, don’t get me wrong, I can’t sleep without my Lavender sachet. But there is so much more we can do! From memory foam pillows to bamboo bedding, bamboo everything for that matter! Take the time to think about these things, they are an investment you won’t regret!

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