Gull Lake Project

Gull Lake Project

Photo credit for first 6 images

Collin Orthner


In the living room I used 3 images of northern lights over Gull Lake taken by Collin Orthner. We had them printed on canvas and placed into drop frames. They turned out beautiful! This is what Collin had to say about the evening he shot the images. “The aurora borealis showed up and put on a nice show, so I was able to capture this image showing the reflection of the auroras in Gull Lake, which was very calm. Oh, the show wasn’t over yet – noctilucent clouds started to glow brilliantly along the horizon as you can see in the image.”

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In the stairway I also used one of Collin Orthner ‘s images on canvas of the hoodoo’s near Drumheller. When you look at this image, you feel as though you are actually there.

P8263008-2 P8263015-2

In this space I used another one of Collin Orthner ‘s images. This one was particularly fitting for the client. He is in charge of making sure our provincial roads get us from A to B smoothly. In his own words he said “I have a love hat relationship with this image, the photo is beautiful but the road in it is in terrible condition!”


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